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Yaroslav O. Halchenko

Mailing Address:
PBS Department, Dartmouth
419 Moore Hall
Hinman Box 6207
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
Internet Address:


Computer Science Dept,\ NJIT (NJ Institute of Technology) Ph.D. student. GPA 4.00
Newark NJ, USA January 2003 - May 2009

PhD degree in Computer Science awarded in May 2009.

Computer Science Dept,\ UNM (University of New Mexico) MS student. GPA 4.00
Albuquerque NM, USA January 2000 - December 2003

MS degree in Computer Science after successfully passing MS qualification examination in August 2003.

Computer Systems Dept,
VSTU (Vinnytsia State Technical University)
Graduate student
Vinnytsia, Ukraine 1998 - 1999

Master`s degree in Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering.

Computer Systems Dept,\ VSTU Student
Vinnytsia, Ukraine 1994 - 1998

Bachelor's degree in Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering with honors.

Physical and Mathematical Gymnasia\ No.17 High School Student
Vinnytsia, Ukraine 1992 - 1994

Graduated with honors.

Physical and Mathematical Correspondence School High School Student
Moscow Physical Engineering Institute 1991 - 1994

Aerospace Correspondence School ``Soyuz'' High School Student
Moscow Physical Engineering Institute 1991 - 1992

Work Experience

Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences,\ Dartmouth College Senior Research Associate
Hanover NH, USA May 2009 - present

Working with Dr. James V. Haxby. Projects: visual perception, methodologies for statistical analysis of neural data: http://www.pymvpa.org, turnkey software platform for neuroscience: http://neuro.debian.net, data distribution: http://datagit.org

Mind/Brain RUMBA Laboratory
Research Assistant
Psych. Department, Rutgers-Newark NJ., USA August 2002 - May 2009

- Predictive decoding of the neural data from different imaging modalities (e.g. EEG, fMRI) to gain better understanding of perception (e.g. auditory) and cognitive (e.g. category specific processing) neuroscientific problems
- Graphical modeling of functional brain organization
- Fusion of multiple functional brain imaging modalities (fMRI/EEG) to gain better understanding and localization of underlying neural activity

Open Source Community (Debian GNU/Linux) http://www.debian.org Debian Developer
December 2005 - present

Packaging and maintenance of FOSS software within the Debian GNU/Linux OS.

Rutgers-Newark GNU/Linux Cluster System Administrator
Psych. Department, Rutgers-Newark NJ., USA September 2005 - May 2009

Deployment and maintenance of 27 node high availability AMD Opteron based cluster. % running GNU/Linux Debian OS.

Brain and Computation Laboratory http://www-bcl.cs.unm.edu Research Assistant
CS Dept., UNM Albuquerque NM, USA June 2000 - July 2002

Have been working on deploying ICA (Independent Component Analysis) techniques in processing of MEG (Magnetoencephalography) data which are part of the DreamMon project.

VSTU Research Assistant
Vinnitsya, Ukraine 1993 - 1997

Part-time designer and software developer of the system for diagnostics of mobile segments in vertebral column, which later was utilized in national hospitals of Ukraine.

Liana Company Software Developer
Vinnitsya, Ukraine April 1996 - October 1997

Part-time software developer of automated system in Planned-Economic Department of Vinnytsia Chemical Plant (Himprom).

Scholarship Awards


The International Scientific Fund Representatives in Ukrainian Studentship Award.


The International Soros Science Educational Program (ISSEP) Studentship Award.

Main Awards and Honors

Ukraine 1996

The Academy of Sciences of Ukraine "awarded the work" ``Information-Measuring System With Optical Transformation Biomedical Information''.

Bucharest, Romania October 1995

"6th place" in ACM South-Eastern European Regional Programming Contest. "1st place" at VSTU.

Kharkiv, Ukraine April 1995

"4th place" in Physics Olympiad among Colleges and Universities of Ukraine. "1st place" at VSTU.

Vinnitsya, Ukraine 1994

"1st place" in the Regional Contest for Programming.

Ukraine 1994

"1st place" in Competition among teenagers for the best computer program. Became a "Member of the Ukraine Small Academy of Sciences".

Vinnitsya, Ukraine 1993

"1st place" for the best solution of physical and mathematical problems in the competition organized by Moscow Physical Engineering Institute.

Vinnitsya, Ukraine 1993

"3rd place" in the Regional Physics Olympiad.

Projects and Contributions

Selected Publications % http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=EbtfZcwAAAAJ::]

  • Gobbini, M.I., Gors, J.D., Halchenko, Y.O., Hughes, H.C. and Cipolli, C "Processing of invisible social cues" Consciousness and Cognition, 2013
  • Gobbini, M.I., Gors, J.D., Halchenko, Y.O., Rogers, C., Guntupalli, J.S., Hughes, H. and Cipolli, C "Prioritized Detection of Personally Familiar Faces" PLoS ONE, 2013
  • P.J. Kohler, S.V. Fogelson, E.A. Reavis, M. Meng, J.S. Guntupalli, M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, A.C. Connolly, J.V. Haxby, P.U. Tse "Pattern classification precedes region-average hemodynamic response in early visual cortex" Neuroimage, 2013
  • Y.O. Halchenko and M. Hanke "Open is not enough. Let’s take the next step: An integrated, community-driven computing platform for neuroscience" Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2012

  • J.-B. Poline, J.L. Breeze, S.S. Ghosh, K.F. Gorgolewski, Y.O. Halchenko, M. Hanke, C. Haselgrove, K.G. Helmer, D.B. Keator, D.S. Marcus, R.A. Poldrack, Y. Schwartz, J. Ashburner, D.N. Kennedy "Data sharing in neuroimaging research" Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2012

  • A.C. Connolly, J.S. Guntupalli, J. Gors, M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, Y.C. Wu, A. Harve and J.V. Haxby "Representation of biological classes in the human brain" Journal of Neuroscience, 2012

  • K. Gorgolewski, C.D. Burns, C. Madison, D. Clark, Y.O. Halchenko, M.L. Waskom and S.S. Ghosh "Nipype: a flexible, lightweight and extensible neuroimaging data processing framework in Python." Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2011

  • M. Hanke and Y.O. Halchenko "Neuroscience runs on GNU/Linux" Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2011

  • J.V. Haxby, J.S. Guntupalli, A.C. Connolly, Y.O. Halchenko, B.R. Conroy, M.I. Gobbini, M. Hanke and P.J. Ramadge "A Common, High-Dimensional Model of the Representational Space in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex" Neuron, 2011

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, J.V. Haxby, S. Pollmann "Statistical learning analysis in neuroscience: aiming for transparency" Frontiers in Neuroscience, 4, 2010

  • Y.O. Halchenko, M. Hanke "Advancing Neuroimaging Research with Predictive Multivariate Pattern Analysis (MVPA)" The Neuromorphic Engineer, May 2010

  • J. Ramsey, S.J. Hanson, C. Hanson, Y.O. Halchenko, R.A. Poldrack, C. Glymour "Six Problems for Causal Inference from fMRI" Neuroimage, 49(2), 2010

  • R.A. Poldrack, Y.O. Halchenko, S.J. Hanson "Decoding the large-scale structure of brain function by classifying mental states across individuals" Psychological Science, 2009

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, P.B. Sederberg, M. Hughes "The PyMVPA Manual"
    Available online at http://www.pymvpa.org/PyMVPA-Manual.pdf

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, P.B. Sederberg, E. Olivetti, I. Frund, J.W. Rieger, C.S. Herrmann, S.J. Hanson, S. Pollmann "PyMVPA: a unifying approach to the analysis of neuroscientific data" Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 3(3), 2009

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, P.B. Sederberg, S.J. Hanson, J.V. Haxby, S. Pollmann "PyMVPA: A Python toolbox for multivariate pattern analysis of fMRI data" Neuroinformatics, 7(1):37-53, March 2009

  • S.J. Hanson, Y.O. Halchenko "Brain reading using full brain Support Vector Machines for object recognition: There is no face identification area" Neural Computation, 20(2):486-503, February 2008

  • S.J. Hanson, C. Hanson, Y.O. Halchenko, T. Matsuka, A. Zaimi "Bottom-up and top-down brain functional connectivity underlying comprehension of everyday visual action" Brain Structure and Function, 212(3-4):231-44, 2007

  • S.J. Hanson, D. Rebbechi, C. Hanson, Y.O. Halchenko "Dense mode clustering in brain maps" Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 25(9):1249-1262, 2007

  • Y.O. Halchenko, B.A. Pearlmutter, S.J. Hanson, A. Zaimi "Fusion of Functional Brain Imaging Modalities via Linear Programming" Presented at NFSI-2003. Chiety Italy September 2003

  • L.I. Timchenko, Y.F. Kutaev, A.A. Gertsiy, Y.O. Halchenko "Method for image coordinate definition on extended laser paths" Optoelectronic and Hybrid Optical/Digital Systems for Image and Signal Processing, Published June 2000, Volume 4148-19

  • L.I. Timchenko, Y.F. Kutaev, A.A. Gertsiy, Y.O. Halchenko, M.A. Grudin "Approach to parallel-hierarchical network learning for real-time image sequence recognition" The International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing, 19-22 September 1999, Massachusetts USA. Volume 3836-09

  • L.I. Timchenco, Y. Kutaev, A. Gertsiy, L. Zagoruiko, Y.O. Halchenko "Pre-processing of extended laser path images" Industrial Lasers and Inspection, EOS/SPIE International Symposium. Munich, 14-18 June 1999. Volume 3827-26

  • L.I. Tymchenko, J. Scorukova, S. Markov, Y.O. Halchenko "Image Segmentation on the basis of spatial connected features" Visnyk VSTU, No. 4, pp. 39-43, Ukraine, in Ukrainian, 1998

  • T.B. Martinyuk, A.V. Kogemiako, Y.O. Halchenko "The model of associative processor for numerical data sorting" Visnyk VSTU. No. 2, pp. 19-23, Ukraine, in Ukrainian, 1997

  • L.I. Tymchenko, J. Scorukova, J. Kutaev, S. Markov, T. Martynuk, Y.O. Halchenko "Method Spatial Connected Segmentation of Images" The Third All-Ukrainian International Conference Ukrobraz, Kijiv, Ukraine, November 26-30, 1996


  • Y.O. Halchenko, S.J. Hanson, B.A. Pearlmutter "Multimodal Integration: fMRI, MRI, EEG, MEG (Chapter 8)" Advanced Image Processing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Dekker, book series on Signal Processing and Communications, p. 223-265 ISBN 0824725425, 2005

Recent Talks

  • Y.O. Halchenko "Open is not enough: benefits from Debian as an integrated, community-driven computing platform" SEA Software Engineering Conference 2013, Boulder, CO April 2013

  • Y.O. Halchenko "Applied NeuroDebian: Python in Neuroimaging" INCF BC2012, Munich, Germany 2012

  • Y.O. Halchenko, M. Hanke "Environments for efficient contemporary research in neuroimaging: PyMVPA and NeuroDebian" UPENN, Philadelphia PA, USA 2012

  • Y.O. Halchenko, M. Hanke and J.V. Haxby "Multivariate analysis strategies of neuroimaging data in PyMVPA" Annual Meeting of Society for NeuroScience, Washington DC, USA 2011

  • Y.O. Halchenko and M. Hanke "The virtues and sins of PyMVPA" EuroScipy satellite ``Python in Neuroscience'', Paris, France, 2011

  • Y.O. Halchenko "\pi's in Debian or Scientific Debian: NumPy, SciPy and beyond" EuroScipy, Paris, France, 2011 http://www.euroscipy.org/talk/4379

  • M. Hanke and Y.O. Halchenko "Debian: The ultimate platform for neuroimaging research" DebConf10, New York, USA 2010, http://penta.debconf.org/dc10_schedule/events/571.en.html

Recent Poster Presentations

  • Y.O. Halchenko, J. Gors, J.S.C. Guntupalli, J.V. Haxby, M.I. Gobbini "Investigation of the familiar face recognition model" Annual Meeting of Society for NeuroScience, USA 2012

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko and J.V. Haxby "NeuroDebian: versatile platform for brain imaging research" Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2011

  • M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, J.S.C. Guntupalli, A.C. Connolly and J.V. Haxby "Unsupervised brain parcellation from functional neuroimaging data" Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 2011

  • S.V. Fogelson, P.J. Kohler, M. Hanke, Y.O. Halchenko, J.V. Haxby, R.H. Granger and P.U. Tse "STMVPA: Spatiotemporal multivariate pattern analysis permits fine- grained visual categorization" Annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, 2011

  • Y.O. Halchenko, M. Hanke, J.V. Haxby, S. Pollmann, R.D. Raizada "Having trouble getting your Nature paper? Maybe you are not using the right tools?" Annual Meeting of Society for NeuroScience, USA 2011

Didactic Activities

  • [Teaching Assistant:]
    • "Intermediate Programming (CS251)" Prof. David Ackley (CS Department, UNM, Albuquerque 2000)
  • [Workshops Lecturer:]
    • "PyMVPA Workshop" Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst Germany 2014
    • "PyMVPA Workshop" Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences, Magdeburg Germany 2012
    • "PyMVPA Workshop" Psychology and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover USA 2010
  • [Mentor:]
    • Guiding more than a dozen contributors of Debian packages of scientific open-source projects
    • Consulting undergraduate and graduate students in application of statistical learning methodologies in their neuroimaging-based research

  • Professional Activities
    • Ad-hoc reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, SPIE, JMLR, NeuroReport, Neural Computation, Neuroimage, and Neurocomputing
    • Review editor for Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods
    • Guest editor for special section "Python in Neuroscience 2nd Edition" in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics
    • Active member of the INCF ``Standards for Datasharing'' task force

    Languages Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English.



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    Hamilton Institute
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    Maynooth, Co. Kildare,
    Tel: +353 1 708-6394
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    Rutgers University,
    Smith Hall, 101 Warren Str,
    Newark, NJ 07102-1811
    Tel: +1 973 353-5440
    Fax: +1 973 353-1171
    Prof. James V. Haxby
    Director of Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
    Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
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