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J. C. Mosher, P. S. Lewis, R. M. Leahy. Multiple Dipole Modeling and Localization from Spatio-Temporal MEG data. Biomedical Engineering, 39(6):541-553, 1992.


The authors present general descriptive models for spatiotemporal MEG (magnetoencephalogram) data and show the separability of the linear moment parameters and nonlinear location parameters in the MEG problem. A forward model with current dipoles in a spherically symmetric conductor is used as an example: however, other more advanced MEG models, as well as many EEG (electroencephalogram) models, can also be formulated in a similar linear algebra framework. A subspace methodology and computational approach to solving the conventional least-squares problem is presented. A new scanning approach, equivalent to the statistical MUSIC method, is also developed. This subspace method scans three-dimensional space with a one-dipole model, making it computationally feasible to scan the complete head volume


J. C. Mosher
P. S. Lewis
R. Leahy

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