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J. Mattout, L. Garnero, L. Gavit, H. Benali. Functional MRI derived priors for solving the EEG/MEG inverse problem. In 12th Int Conf Biomagnet, J. Nenonen, R.J. Ilmoniemi, T. Katila (eds.), Helsinski, Finlande, 2000.


In this study, we propose a new multimodal approach for solving the EEG/MEG inverse problem. This method involves a distributed source model and accounts for anatomo-functional constraints derived from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. In the following, we briefly describe the source model, the regularization procedure and the way functional priors are introduced. In order to assess the value of the proposed approach, we then present results obtained using simulated data


J. Mattout
L. Garnero
L. Gavit
H. Benali

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