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L. Melie-Garc\'ia, N. J. Trujillo-Barreto, E. Mart\'inez-Montes, T. Koenig, P. A. Valdés-Sosa. EEG imaging via BMA with fMRI pre-defined prior model probabilities. In Human Brain Mapping, Budapest, Hungary, June 2004.

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In the present work, a modification of the EEG/MEG inverse solution method presented by Trujillo et. al. 2004 (known as Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA)), is introduced in order to include prior information provided by fMRI. This BMA approach basically finds a "model-free" Primary Current Density (PCD) inside the brain by dealing with the uncertainty of selecting a specific model to carry out inference upon it. The models differ in the anatomical constraint used to find the solution, which are defined by different combinations of brain areas taken from a segmentation of the brain into 69 compartments


L. Melie-Garc\'ia
N. J. Trujillo-Barreto
E. Mart\'inez-Montes
T. Koenig

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