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K. J. Friston, P. Jezzard, R. Turner. Analysis of functional MRI time-series. Human Brain Mapping, 1:153-171, 1994.


We present a method for detecting significant and regionally specific correlatio ns between sensory input and the braiifs physiological response, as measured with functional MRI. The method involves testing for correlations, between sensory input and the hemodynamic response, after convolving the sensory input with an estimate of the hemodynamic response function. This estimate is obtained without reference to any assumed input. To lend the approach statistical validity, it is brought into the framework of s tatistical parametric mapping by using a measure of cross-correlations, between sensory input and hemo dynamic response, that is valid in the presence of intrinsic autocorrelations. These autocorrelations are necessarily present, due to the hemodynamic response function or temporal point spread function


K. J. Friston
P. Jezzard
R. Turner

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