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J. Frahm, P. Dechent, J. Baudewig, K. D. Merboldt. Advances in functional MRI of the human brain. Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, February 2004.


Based on an improved understanding of the underlying physiologic mechanisms and a growing number of applications to selected brain systems, the main purpose of this contribution is to present a discussion of the general potential and the specific challenges of this continuously expanding field. Rather than providing a comprehensive survey, emphasis will be placed on both characteristic advantages that render MRI particularly attractive for functional neuroimaging and potential problems that may hamper the interpretation of the experimental results. Apart from discussing crucial aspects ranging from cerebral hemodynamics to data acquisition and parametric mapping, specific points addressed are the neural basis of the functional MRI signal as well as the achievable spatial and temporal resolution. Technical complications will be discussed as well as limitations resulting from pharmacological and pathological modulations of the neurovascular coupling. A final section covers the increasingly difficult translation of a neuroscientific question into a proper MRI-compatible paradigm


J. Frahm
P. Dechent
J. Baudewig
K. D. Merboldt

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