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A. M. Dale, A. K. Liu, B. Fischl, J. D. Lewine, R. L. Buckner, J. W. Belliveau, E. Halgren. Dynamic statistical parameter mapping: combining fMRI and MEG to produce high resolution imaging of cortical activity. Neuron, 26:55-67, 2000.


Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) can provide maps of brain activation with millimeter spatial resolution but is limited in its temporal resolution to the order of seconds. Here, we describe a technique that combines structural and functional MRI with magnetoencephalography (MEG) to obtain spatiotemporal maps of human brain activity with millisecond temporal resolution. This new technique was used to obtain dynamic statistical parametric maps of cortical activity during semantic processing of visually presented words. An initial wave of activity was found to spread rapidly from occipital visual cortex to temporal, parietal, and frontal areas within 185 ms, with a high degree of temporal overlap between different areas. Repetition effects were observed in many of the same areas following this initial wave of activation, providing evidence for the involvement of feedback mechanisms in repetition priming


A. M. Dale
A. K. Liu
B. Fischl
J. D. Lewine
R. L. Buckner
J. W. Belliveau
E. Halgren

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