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F. Babiloni, C. Babiloni, F. Carducci, C. Del Gratta, G. L. Romani, P. M. Rossini, F. Cincotti. Cortical source estimate of combined high resolution EEG and fMRI data related to voluntary movements. Methods Inf Med, 41(5):443-450, 2002.


OBJECTIVES: In this paper, we employed advanced methods for the modeling of human cortical activity related to voluntary right one-digit movements from combined high-resolution electroencepholography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). METHODS: Multimodal integration between EEG and fMRI data was performed by using realistic head models, a large number of scalp electrodes (128) and the estimation of current density strengths by linear inverse estimation. RESULTS: Increasing of spatial details of the estimated cortical density distributions has been detected by using the proposed integration method with respect to the estimation using EEG data alone. CONCLUSION: The proposed method of multimodal EEG-fMRI data is useful to increase spatial resolution of movement-related potentials and can also be applied to other kinds of event-related potentials


[ Brain mapping/methods ] [ Cerebral cortex/*physiology ] [ Cortical synchronization ] [ Electrodes ] [ Electroencephalography/*methods ] [ Human ] [ Magnetoencephalography/*methods ] [ Motor activity/*physiology ] [ Nerve net ] [ Signal processing ] [ Computer-assisted ] [ *systems integration ]


F. Babiloni
C. Babiloni
F. Carducci
C. Del Gratta
G. L. Romani
P. M. Rossini
F. Cincotti

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