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Two words about myself. I was born in USSR (Russian Federation portion of it) in city of Omsk. But I think that I'm Ukrainian because I've spend most of my life in Ukraine where I made a lot of good friends. If you would like to look at me and my friends click on Photos. Now it has been more than 10 years since I came to the states looking for a fresh food for my brain.

In the states, first I was a graduate student at Computer Science Department of the University of New Mexico until 2003 when I've decided to move my brain and periferals to NJ, where I was working at Rutgers-Newark and was studying at CS Department at NJIT. At UNM I've been working with Dr. Barak Pearlmutter in the Brain & Computation Lab. I have moved to NJ to join RUMBA lab of Dr. Stephen Hanson to work on brain imaging projects. Some pieces of the fun stuff we had been doing got absorbed into the Ph.D dissertation. To further advance in the neuroscience research I went north to join as a postdoc the lab of Dr. James Haxby at Dartmouth Colege, where I am at the moment.

Unfortunately I kept finding more interesting projects than updating my website from its prehistoric design. Therefore please pardon its appearance and outdated at times content.


Spring 2009

Having successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis "Predictive Decoding of Neural Data" me and my family have moved to New Hampshire, where at Dartmouth I am doing postdoctoral reseach with Dr.James Haxby.

Summer 2007

We are chilling out in Poconos.

18th May 2007

I guess the next exciting news (after Hawaii) is the birth of our 2nd daughter, Zabava.

June-August 2005

Well... It is not that bad on Hawaii after all :-)

March 2005

Finally NJIT Linux User Group came alive with its website. Feel free to join/share/have_fun.


Well, just for those who are not aware: my beautiful wife Yulia made me a gift: baby-girl Alisa.


Ah Vermount... Had nice time in a small house under the rain/snow/sun. Enjoy the pictures. BTW - I added slideshow feature to a photoalbum which should work in regular and fullscreen modes. Enjoy :-)


Visited NFSI 2003 conference, but then had nice 2 days to stay in Rome on the way back. Enjoy the pictures


That was a hell of weekend - car repair, car ride in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere trying to find a campground etc. You might find more interesting new from my friends life on WWW.VETEROK.ORG .


Trip to Ukraine. Everybody is welcome to check out the pictures .


Respectfull vmdoc asked to add a "fullscreen" feature to the photo album. Now you can watch pics without any menu or almost anything else on the page. Enjoy.


Didn't have much fun lately, but paid visit to my middle-school buddy - Anatoliy Bychynskyy. Another news is that I bought another domain: bogach.com. I hope that later in my life I will figure out some good use for it :-)


Haven't updated news from a while, which doesn't mean absense of anything interesting. During this time I managed to visit Canada and lovely New Mexico, pictures from these places you're welcome to check out in Photos. Now I've moved totally to NJ and was admitted to NJIT. That is has enough to tell whole story about that. And of course important news is that I moved my website to a new host.

Friends, if you notice that some link doesn't work or something wrong I would greatly appreciate if you email me.


Again Pennsylvania. May be somebody is anxious to see the pictures from Misha's Birthday


Came from KSP slyot which occured in Pennsylvania. Pictures are HERE (thought didn't have chance to take them by myself - still can't find spare pack of batteries :-/ ).


No words - came from Boston KSP. Guys, whom I caught and got "shout" can check their pics. Some pictures have some sound files associated with them but cause it is too much for my photo camera - sound quality just suxx.


Made a great and terrible at the same time trip to Corpus Christi, to the South Padre island. That was great to spend a day and night there but road was terrible - border patrol, ticket for speeding, broken car etc. Now since I came back I'm very tired but very glad that we did that. Check the pics.


Beautifull guest - Yuliya Popova - visited our vilage, so we all together went to Chaco Canyon to visit what is left after poor Indians there. Smog from the fires to the North was so strong that we felt its smell and sky wasn't clean enough to see a star. Check the pics.


Went to Heron Lake. It is pretty good place and you can find a pretty romantic way to there through the road with no proper gravel - so driving was fun :-) You can check a lot of pictures from this trip in my photo album


I came from trip to California. It was really nice but finally 4 of us got ill after comming home. If you would like, you can enjoy photos in my photo album


I've added feature to add comments to photos - so would be glad to get some comments from you.

If you like my site or don`t like it and have something to suggest - feel free to @mail me.

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